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Research on common faults and elimination methods of screw air compressor


Research on common faults and elimination methods of screw air compressor

1, screw type air compressor working principle analysis The screw air compressor filters the dust and impurities in the atmosphere before the air enters. The clean air passes through the intake contro
1, screw type air compressor working principle analysis:
The screw air compressor filters the dust and impurities in the atmosphere before the air enters. The clean air passes through the intake control valve to the main engine of the compressor and is fully mixed with the cooling lubricant to compress. After a series of treatment, the compressed air is compressed and the compressed air with less oil content is obtained through the oil and gas separator. When the air is compressed to the specified pressure value, the compressed air is discharged to the cooler by the minimum pressure valve, and the compressed air after cooling can be used.   
In the suction process, the air inlet of the screw air compressor at the intake side can ensure that the compressor room has adequate air suction. The intake process mainly depends on the control valve, when the rotor rotates, the maximum amount of absorption of air, at the end of the exhaust, the tooth groove is in a vacuum. In the process of gas sealing and transportation, the tooth summit of the main rotor and vice rotor forms a sealed space with the casing, so as to ensure that the air is sealed in the tooth groove and can not communicate with the outside world. Then, the two rotors continue to rotate, and the tooth groove and the tooth peak coincide at the suction end, so that the gas is introduced into the exhaust end. In the process of compression and injection, the distance between the tooth groove and the tooth surface of the exhaust port is getting smaller and smaller, so that the pressure in the whole confined space decreases continuously, so that the gas in the tooth groove is in the state of being compressed.      
2, screw type air compressor common fault causes and Countermeasures
2.1 screw air compressor is difficult to start
When the screw type air compressor electrical fault lights, and unable to start, first of all need to check the fuse, motor and the thermal relay equipment, ensure that the equipment is in normal operation state, if there are problems, problems, need to be taken on these devices to replace the relevant measures. Then check the pressure and temperature sensor, start button, if there is disconnection or poor contact, you need to further overhaul. In addition, the controller program is detected, if it is procedural error, you need to change the phase sequence of the power supply. Finally, the body inspection, if the use of external force to promote the body still can not rotate, you need to allow manufacturers to deal with directly.
2.2 the running current exceeds the normal range
When the operating current exceeds the normal range, the compressor will automatically trip, so we need to check the drive belt, the belt is too loose may cause idling, the current sound high, the belt tightening can solve the fault. Can also check the oil and gas separator, the lubricant is used in accordance with the relevant regulations, once the use of lubricating oil substandard, it is very easy to cause the oil and gas separator failure, need to replace the appropriate lubricating oil. In addition, if the exhaust pressure value is higher, the pressure settings of the controller should be checked, and the internal pressure is set within the normal pressure range by adjusting the pressure setting. Finally, the failure of the compressor itself will also lead to the current value exceeds the normal range, so it is necessary to check the normal operation of the compressor.
2.3 the running current is low
The reasons for the lower running current are as follows: first, the air filter is blocked, which is due to the poor air quality in the working environment of the air compressor, which makes the filter appear blocked. This phenomenon is more serious in pollution, the air quality is relatively poor in the central and western regions often appear. Once the blockage occurs, the filter should be cleaned in a timely manner. If the filter is used for a long time, it is difficult to completely clean, so you need to replace the filter. Two is the abnormal operation of the intake valve, which is due to the use of the intake valve environment interference normal use, you can try to add lubricating oil to help the intake valve to achieve smooth operation. In addition, the improper adjustment of the valve will cause the phenomenon of lower running current. The fault can be eliminated by adjusting or resetting the setting value of the valve. Four, the air consumption is too large, the need to coordinate the relationship between the amount of air access and use, to ensure that the amount of air consumption maintained in a stable range.
2.4 exhaust temperature is too low
The normal exhaust temperature should be above 75 degrees, below this temperature is likely to lead to the subsequent use of gas is not smooth. This is due to the external environment of air compressor operation is likely to be in the environment of large temperature difference outside the outside world, can not guarantee the external environment temperature is in a stable range. Therefore, when the exhaust temperature is low, it is necessary to reduce the cooling area of the cooler. If the cooling area of the cooler is reduced, but the temperature is not raised to the normal range, it is necessary to check the exhaust thermometer to ensure its normal use. Finally, you can also check the thermal control valve, if there is a fault to be replaced in time.
2.5 exhaust temperature is too high
Due to changes in the external environment, there may be excessive ambient temperature, it is prone to exhaust temperature is too high fault. First of all, you need to check the cooling fan of the body's cooling system to see if it can work properly. In addition, the need to protect the cooler air duct without foreign matter blockage, if there is a problem, we must promptly dredge. In addition, you need to check the amount and specifications of lubricating oil, if the lubricant oil surface is lower than the red line, you need to refuel, but also need to protect the application of oil. The excessive air filter impurities will also affect the exhaust temperature control. Generally speaking, the air cleaner is not clean and the frequency of oil filter obstruction is higher. Last