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What is the basic composition and working process of air-cooled screw chiller?


What is the basic composition and working process of air-cooled screw chiller?

Air-cooled screw chiller is a commonly used air-cooled cooling equipment, generally single stage steam compression type. Single stage vapor compression is a water chiller which is condensed from evaporating pressure to condensing pressure after primary compression. It can be used to produce temperature above -40 centigrade.
The single stage air-cooled screw type industrial water chiller consists of the following four basic equipment (refer to the internal structure of the upper picture):
1, compressor, its role is to evaporate the refrigerant vapor in the evaporator, and compress it to the condensing pressure, and then discharged to the condenser. Air cooled screw type compressor industrial chiller is used in Taiwan / Germany Bitzer Hanbell screw refrigeration compressor.
2. The condenser is used to condense the high pressure refrigerant vapor from the compressor into liquid. During condensation, the refrigerant steam emits heat, so it needs cooling. According to the different cooling medium is divided into: air cooling, water-cooled, evaporator. Air cooled screw type high pressure water chiller is air cooled, which is often referred to as fin condenser.
3, the throttle mechanism, whose role is to make the high-pressure refrigerant liquid from the condenser pressure drop to evaporation pressure.
4. The evaporator is used to evaporate the refrigerant liquid from the evaporation pressure of the throttling mechanism into the refrigerant steam.
5, the electronic control system, its role is to control the water chiller switch machine, the power connection between the components, as well as the control of the protection device. The microcomputer control panel can not only display the running state of the chiller, but also regulate the required refrigerating temperature.