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Continuous upgrading of single screw plastic extruder Technology


Continuous upgrading of single screw plastic extruder Technology

In the China market, occupy a great advantage of single screw plastic extruder, it has the characteristics of simple structure, durable, easy maintenance, low price, easy
In the China market, occupy a great advantage of single screw plastic extruder, it has the characteristics of simple structure, durable, easy maintenance, low price, easy operation, and in the process of continuous development, technology is upgrading towards high quality and high efficiency, multi-functional direction.
Domestic independent R & D capability
When twin-screw extruder is used in glass fiber reinforced blending, if the glass fiber content is more than 45%, the processing will become quite difficult. The magnetic particle content of magnetic materials is usually up to 60%~70%, and sometimes even more than 90%. It is almost impossible to process and granulate magnetic materials with ordinary extruder.
The joint efforts of the industry technology, R & D personnel, some special models such as the main exhaust extruder, series disc screw extruder, reciprocating pin screw extruder, with foam extruder, melt gear pump extruder, extruder, tandem multi-stage planetary screw extruder in both domestic manufacturers. Have the ability of independent research and development, and have independent intellectual property rights.
Some domestic manufacturers and research institutes, according to the needs of domestic magnetic materials and other high filling materials, developed independently designed disc extruder. Typical examples, such as Beijing Feng Ji and Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The disc extruder can adjust the disc assembly to adapt to the extrusion processing of different high filling materials, such as glass fiber reinforced, magnetic plastic, conductive materials, new ceramics and other materials.
In recent years, reciprocating screw plastic extruder has been booming in China, and it has become a landmark product of different manufacturers' display technology strength. The biggest characteristic of reciprocating single screw extruder is to realize high filling processing of different materials. When used in glass fiber reinforced material processing, the addition amount of glass fiber can reach more than 50%.
The new screw, cylinder structure and exhaust system for the plastic extruder are also effective means to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. For example, the use of low shear screws with higher aspect ratio, slotted cylinders, and more efficient exhaust systems are effective means.
Bring forth new ideas in foreign markets
The twin screw extruder designed by Barton, Phil and Cincinnati fully embodies the characteristics of high energy efficiency. For example, TwinEX offers four types of extruders from 78mm to 135mm. Compared with other heterogeneous twin-screw extruders, the specific energy input of twinEX is about 15% lower, while the yield is improved.
This is achieved by extending the processing unit to the 34L/D and reducing the loss of heat. The main design features include fully insulated barrel, intelligent APC cylinder air-cooled (forced air cooling system), Intracool screw core temperature control system and optimized screw design.
In addition to plastic extruders, the continuous development of downstream equipment is also crucial to the improvement of profile extrusion performance. Barton Phil Cincinnati not only design and manufacture downstream equipment, but also cooperate with Gruber extrusion technology company on the project. The two extrusion technology companies combine to provide high capacity, high efficiency, a complete set of window profiles extrusion line.
Gruber extrusion technology recently developed an energy saving vacuum system, which is characterized by a more efficient dry vacuum molding and vacuum chamber with variable vacuum control system. Compared with the traditional system, the energy saving vacuum system can reduce the energy consumption by 50%.
Conclusion: China's single screw plastic extruder market needs to continue rising raw material cost and energy cost pressure, so that energy saving and material saving become the focus of extrusion processing industry. At the same time, the extrusion technology suppliers can develop various energy saving programs from various angles to meet the user's energy conservation requirements to the greatest extent.