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Design & Optimisation


Design & Optimisation

Holroyd Precision Rotors could provide solutions for all kinds of profiles from design to optimisation.

Every customer would like to make a better product, cheaper and quicker.

This is achieved by Holroyd Precision Rotors utilising the highly advanced Holroyd Profile Management System (HPMS) software.

HPMS is applied in the development and control of profiles for Screw Rotors, Vacuum and Pump Screws. The software allows for the manipulation of files to obtain a more favourable profile for machining. HPMS is also used as a tool to aid in the control of the profile during production.

Holroyd Precision Rotors can provide COMPRESSOR & PROFILE DESIGN CONSULTANCY in partnership with City University in London to help customers design new profiles and optimise existing profiles.

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