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About us


Located in Chayuan New Town of Nan’an district, the sub-center of Chongqing urban area, Chongqing Holroyd Precision Rotors Manufacturing Co., Ltd (HPR) is engaged in development, manufacturing and sales of high-precision compressor rotors and special screws. The annual output is approximately 12,000 rotor sets ranging from Ø60mm to Ø300mm in diameter and up to 1.1m length. Rotors out of this range can be supplied by our UK sister company. Our rotors and screws are widely used in applications such as refrigeration and air conditioning, petro-chemicals, process gas pumping, power generation and transmission, marine, mining, food, medicine, environmental protection, plastics, and others.

HPR produces compressor rotors for all current profile designs and uses the advanced technologies and manufacturing systems from HPR, which is a subsidiary company of PTG UK. Our production systems and machine tools are from world famous manufacturers including from UK, Germany, Japan and Korea. Our operators are trained to high standards of quality and precision, and are engaged in continuous process development and improvement.

HPR's goal is to delight its customers around the world, by providing an ultra-flexible, highly responsive service, supplying high-quality parts at cost-effective prices. With two other manufacturing facilities in UK and USA, providing global coverage, Chongqing HPR operates carefully controlled, quality guaranteed procedures, using production systems developed at our UK technology centre. A regular presence of senior UK engineering and quality staff, working closely with a team of dedicated specialists in Chongqing, enables the production of the high quality rotors currently in the market. The designs and intellectual property (IP) rights of customers are strictly protected in HPR and we highly value and respect the trust our customers place in us. Our focus is on Quality, Value and Delivery: we ensure you can purchase rotors of superior quality at HPR China, but at the competitive prices and short lead times.

HPR is the good choice for your compressor rotor solution!